NEWS: MiniArt Ben Hur Trailers

Mini Art has announced a couple of much sought-after trailers coming in 1/35. They are the G518 1T Cargo Trailer and G527 250Gal Water Trailer, a.k.a. “Ben Hur” trailers due to the original manufacturer’s name. These should be very nice. It is the first Ben Hur cargo trailer in plastic. The water trailer should be light years ahead of the old Renwal/Italeri water trailer too.


A little info about these trailers. Over a dozen manufacturers made them.

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WHO-RAY !!!*! This is great news!

So glad MiniArt is able to still do new releases given the crisis in Ukraine.

However we know the molds reside somewhere along the Pacific Rim so therefore also do the CAD files it took to make them.

I don’t know where the original CAD design work was done but I am sure it is backed up to the cloud. So all the management has to do is (hopefully) grab their laptops or just a portable SSD hard drive and head for cover.

We modelers will be most happy to deposit our payments into whatever off shore account you may chose. We (I) wish the folks at MiniArt much safety and continued success in the future.


Wow, wow and wow. It’s about time! What en exciting announcement of a most needed injection molded Allied vehicle accessory. I can’t wait! To that end, does anyone know how long of a lag time between announcement and release is typical for MiniArt? They sure do seem to pump out new and re-boxed kits quite regularly. Great news regardless!