NEWS: New 1/35 IDF vehicles from AK Interactive

AK Interactive has recently released or will soon release a few IDF vehicles.

They have already released an IDF version of their FJ-43 with soft-top and markings for IDF or Lebanese Christian Militia.

They have also announced a Dodge Power Wagon in IDF colors.

Lastly, they have hinted at a third IDF kit coming, but have said nothing further.

They also released a while ago their IDF Acessories set which is full of detail items to add to the above vehicles.


I’m hoping they do the M325 Nun Nun, as it’s the next step after the power wagon.



Their Middle East Unimog kit also has IDF markings.


Yes, there will be another IDF softskin release in April or May. A bit more modern then the Power Wagon and it should be equally as desirable.


The FJ stuff was all captured from the PLO types in Lebanon in 82. A lot of land rovers were also picked up the same way. The unimogs have been taken since 1967 from the syrians with the last batch in 82 rule was if you could get it on its wheels and get it running it was all yours…
But the FJ’s were off limits to us grunts that was officers only type stuff unless it had been chopped up to be a technical. Cause the officer types needed a windshield and roof… :joy:


Curiously, there were some early FJs in use during the Yom Kippur War in the Sinai front, but who knows where these came from, maybe captured civilians from Egypt or even drafted Israeli ones.

Most of the Mogs were Syrian war booty, but ambulance and fire engine versions were obtained directly from Germany as “Civilian Aid”.

About the kits, there’s also a NunNun coming, yes, along some other very nice surprises in the pipeline :wink:


The FJ was never available in Israel till after the 82 war and there was some back door deal made with the sale of formerly captured ones that got sold at one of those auctions where only those on that special list heard about…
What we used to call vitamin P ( protection)


Do you know if the other nice surprises, IDF related? :slight_smile:

Yes, but can’t say more for the moment :wink:


Given the strict laws in Israel from the 50s to the 70s for the import and sale of motor vehicles, certainly don’t know how a civilian FJ could arrive there other than the auctions you mention. But…


You and me both (can’t say)…

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The sweet feeling of letting others know that you hold a secret that they would be really interested in knowing but you are keeping it secret.
:+1: :grin: :innocent:


Playing Santa in spring :wink:

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Personal car import is a big business now but he’ll the price is high, and the taxes unless you’re disabled or a new immigrant is 100% plus VAT makes it that hard to swallow I won’t go into the price of parts etc. cause it’s way high like our gas price for self serve is sitting at about $9.00 a gallon for regular unleaded… the IDF imports a lot of stuff that eds up at auction since they found something better for what they planned on using it for. Only thing they didn’t sell at auction were the land Rover 110’swith six wheel drive they drove them into the dirt…

Wow, that came fast:

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And how long did it take the enemy to figure that one out? Similarly, production of the WC56 was discontinued because it was easy to recognize as a vehicle primarily manned with officers. Plus its performance wasn’t that great.

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Oh we got them but the good ones I’m talking really sweet ones seemed to go over the border back into Israel with a capture plate number and become the daily driver for some remfe officers. And then off to rich guys auction.
We got the chopped ones with the gun mounts and no windshield etc. hell we even had one that we removed a homemade rocket launcher in back…

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From some months back, a bit more than just a Cad… :wink:


Looking good.

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Competition is fierce these days, and yes, they ask you not to say anything. Hence my post a few weeks ago explaining why I no longer announce things like I did several years. Plus it’s annoying as hell having people DM me telling me we ought to do this or that with it. I’m still at it though. And if you follow my vague posts with their tantalizingly few photos, and the subsequent modern releases about a year or two later that we’ve had in recent years, well, know these are good times indeed.

I must say that it is frustrating (or fun, depending on who it is) to see someone kitbash or scratch someone you know is coming and not say anything. And then say “you’re welcome” for doing so.