NEWS: Nuts and Bolts Selfpropelled 15 cm s.I.G. 33

The new volume of Nuts and Bolts makes number 44 on their collection and is focused on the 15 cm s.I.G. 33 auf Fgst. Pz.Kpfw. II, III and Sturminfanteriegeschütz 33

204 pages A4, glue-bound, approximately 275 photos, of these 199 contemporary photos from manuals, combat and war fronts in b/w, a number of them previously unpublished; 142 colour photos of the surviving vehicles in public and private collections, 41 colour photos of 5 models from Tony Greenland, Vinnie Branigan and another three modellers
As usual, English / German captions, 64 pages English / German text, 37 charts, 41 pages scale drawings of all versions and details in 1/35 scale from Lieven DeConinck, 12 camouflage schemes from Laurent Lecocq, and 4 tables of organization of units (Kriegstärke-Nachweisungen KStN) having these vehicles in their arsenal.

Available for shipping from 10th of January, can be ordered directly from the publisher at

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This looks so interesting, I might consider getting myself een copy.