NEWS: Rochm German Tool Clamps

The Rochm new sets of 3D printed tool clamps for German vehicles will probably cover all modeller’s needs.

They are available in two types and four sizes for each type. This table is useful to identify which models is required for each vehicle:

And these are the clamps:

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These look excellent and would be nice to see them in 1:48…I am sure
its doable.
Thanks for posting.

So…3D printed,eh? But are they functional? And if not, how do you get the tools in them?

They are already at 1/16 so I guess if there is enough interest, it could be done.

Sliding the handle through the clamp.

If it has a ball on the end, like some shovels, I guess you have to cut, insert and glue again. It should not be difficult to find out the position of the clamp to hide the cut under it.

I have seen similar 3D clamps used by one modeler at a club meet and basically most tools will fit right in with being cut and just get glued in place…great concept.
They are not functional.
I am sure 1:48 is very possible.