NEWS: Rye Field Models M1A1 Ukraine kit and Interior set

Rye Field has announced a couple new Abrams kits in 1/35.

First is an M1A1 Ukraine Update Version kit.

It looks like mostly the same parts as the previous Polish/Ukraine M1A1 kit. I guess the new parts are the Loader’s gunshield and surrounding armor plates that were missing in the previous kit.

They are also going to be releasing their M1A1/A2 interior parts as a separate set.

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I have to say, looking at my photos of the driver’s compartment and the turret interior, that’s a pretty basic interior set. Lots of opportunity there to make it look better.
Is there not even one piece of PE at least for this?:


Let’s hope the barrel is elevated for the driver to get out.

Hopefully it is just not shown in these pics. The kits w/interior come with a whole PE sheet that is just for the interior, sheet Z2.



As above - the earlier interior kit comes with the PE - hopefully it does with this one cause I’ll be interested in replacing the one I harvested for the SEP v3

Also, this is what I meant by the Abram’s interior being rather basic for the Rfm kit. The turret is quite packed/detailed (looking at real references I couldn’t spot any obvious detail missing there - and the power pack area has the obvious details (those being the batteries, fuel tanks and the turbine engine of-course. It however lacks in details linking the engine area to the front of the hull and the hyper detailing presented on the leopard pack.

Like I said, a lot of opportunity there. That’s what I used to call shortcomings in any aspect of life, opportunites to improve. I promise not to quote Robert Pirsig again…


Might actually get both of these. I want the extra armor as well as I used that on the sepv3