NEWS: Rye Field - Tiger I initial production early 1943 w Interior

Another news report from Rye Field covers their Tunisian Tiger with additional images and upgrade solution for the kit.



This is really interesting. They’re providing a new turret interior wall, suitable for “initial” Tigers. I can only guess that it’s based on Tiger 712 in the USA.

Unfortunately, part of the side wall from 712 was cut off and is missing. Rye Field’s CAD shows little detail there. I’m posting information that may help them but really we don’t know everything about the layout and we may never know.

Another problem is that, even within the little bunch of Tigers belonging to the 501, there were two distinct layouts for the turret interior wall. Tiger 712 has the later one but this kit seems to build the earlier Tigers, which are even more of a mystery.

RFM are rising to the challenge of the engine compartment as well. They are providing the water pipes that were missing from their previous Tiger kits. Again, they may not get it quite right (I’ll be investigating) but kudos to them for rasing the bar.


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Me scratching my hair to find a way to get these water pipes since I have an earlier release of their kit without buying a new one… :expressionless:.

Would be nice if they offered the engine bay parts as a detail up kit. I’d buy one for sure.

Interesting idea.

The interior parts are all on distinct sprues - they have been since the first RFM Tiger interior. And recently I believed that they were planning to release interior-only detail sets, after they released that Sturmtiger that had Sturmtiger interior parts but lacked all the Tiger interior parts. Like several of RFM’s Tiger kits, it seemed to be just waiting for an interior upgrade set.

But concerning the engine bay pipes : I haven’t taken a good look at them yet. I can’t really judge this kit when it’s still in development.