NEWS: SOGA - British Infantry at Rest

Another bit of news from Soga covers their excellent British Infantry at rest figures. Check them out, a true works of art.

35133 Sergeant British infantry at rest

35134 ** British infantryman at rest**

35135 ** British infantryman at rest**

35136 British infantryman at rest

35137 Machine gunner British infantry at rest

35138 British infantryman at rest

The figures are also available as two figure sets:

3616 British infantrymans at rest

3617 British infantrymans at rest

3618 Sergeant and Machine gunner British infantry at rest

Sculpted by Dmitry Shishkov
Painted by Alexander Snegirev

Available at:


Very nice, love SOGA kits, I will use these as casualty’s as not much out there by way of Allied casualties and I am sick of scratch building them.