NEWS: Tamiya - Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F

Announced sometime in July, the wait may soon be over as Tamiya has this kit slated for December release.

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Maybe it is me but are there weld lines?

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Yes, but it looks like they are right at the join so I guess you have to be careful not to lose that detail if you need to fill in any seam lines.


What’s better than 40 unbuilt Panzer IV kits in the model stash? 42 unbuilt Panzer IV kits in the model stash. Sign me up for two kits as I want a Tamiya F1 & F2 :slight_smile:

Based on seeing an Andy’s hobby HQ build and other net images, it appears to me that the turret has the flat screw heads this time around! Hopefully Tamiya fixed that plethora of missed welds seams of the prior Pz IV H & J kits.

Did they have one of these in the early 80’s probably was my first build along with a T-34

Tamiya had a Pz IV D that looks very similar going back to the late 70’s. Its a good kit for that era.

Since when do you need to fill seam lines on a Tamiya kit? :smile: :wink:


Granted they are older kits, but I had to on my Pz IV D and my SdKfz 222.

And I did say ‘if’, laughing boy.

Kudos to Sprue Brothers the new Tamiya Pz IV F arrived today!

I’m happy with this Tamiya Pz IV, many of the weld seams missed on prior kits are on the upper hull for this one. Upper hull has flat screw details near hatches previously missing. Driver & radio operator hatches look good from the top with the signal ports. Turret top has flat screw details never previously available on a 1/35 Tamiya Pz IV. Crisp mold quality is outstanding. Rain gutters for the turret have the middle supports molded in - that looks great! The figures are impressive. I might have to embarrass myself and try painting them. Hollow guide tooth link & length tracks look good and have a very nice jig for the return roller sag. I could see that jig being useful for other kits too.

Lower hull, wheels & bogies are straight 1994. Sad Tamiya didn’t at least add weld seams to the wheel hubs.

Very tempting to shelve my current Italeri Pz IV F1/F2/G to start this kit but I will wait until current projects are done.

Tamiya includes a nice background info sheet with color schemes. However to me the real story is an outstanding instruction sheet. Looks like this should be a joy to build!

I’m happy with what Tamiya provides as their new Pz IV F.


Looks like I have to add another Panzer IV kit to the stash. This looks like a nice kit. Overtime here I come.

Here’s a blistering in box review of the kit. Points on lack of slide molding in 2020 on muffler & MG are well made. Sanding muffler seams and drilling MG’s or replacing with Aber are something most modelers do in their sleep but points well made - it’s 2020.

Best quote was a comment about the nylon string for tow cables making the reviewer pine for a set of 1970’s vinyl tracks to melt together. :cupid: LOL

Bruce Modeling Noob - Tamiya 35374 Pz F - Best of the 90’s!

I think this might just have to be my next build.