NEWS: Trumpeter 1/35 UH-1B and ACH-47A Gunship

Trumpeter has announced a new UH-1B series coming in 1/35 in their latest catalog. They are showing two versions; a slick and a gunship. Based on their earlier 1/35 helicopters, these should be very nice.

I assume these are the molds the Kitty Hawk was working on. A UH-1B was supposed to be their next 1/35 release. Hope they are good.


Would be nice but with Trumpeters track record on new releases they may never see the light if day. If they were the kittyhawk moulds then there’s hope I guess. I’ll watch with bated breath as if they do appear I’ll be snapping them up. Till then lets see.


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Looks like they have announced an ACH-47A “Guns-A-Go-Go” Gunship as well. This should be an easy one to do since they already have the CH-47A model since about 2005.

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do we have any idea of the release date of these birds especially the ACH-47A?

Nothing on release dates, they are just listed as coming new items.

Both of these will be welcome, maybe one day a CH46 will come along.

Cajun :crocodile:

Phrogs Phorever!


i’m still waiting for a 1/35 AH-1F or 1S. $250 for the 1/32 Werners wings update set is a bit out of my price range

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any further news or developments about these kits.

Very good news, thanks for sharing!