NEWS: Upcoming Trumpeter 1/35 Armor Kits

The new Trumpeter '23/'24 catalog has some very interesting 1/35 armor items announced. They are showing a JLTV-UTL (pickup version), M55 Howitzer, DUKW w/amphibious trailer, and a Chinese 63-2 APC.

I am really looking forward to the M55 and hopefully the 155mm M53 in the future.


I have been waiting for this M55 for so long! Finally!!

Thanks for sharing


M55? Oh. My. (Modelling) God. Now that will look something on the display tables that’s for sure. Wow.

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Oh, say it ain’t so! A 1/35 M55 SP 8 inch howitzer!

I’m with the others; that M55 is HOT!


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Now I don’t feel so bad about hosing off my Renwall kit on the rapacious auction platform about 10 years ago for stupid money, although that’s long ago been spent…

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Duck. About time for a new one.


Now, I know I’m getting ahead of myself here, but already I see it in Bundeswehr colours/markings, probably trundling along a road somewhere; the alternative of depicting it in a firing position would defeat me - all that Gunner stuff, ammo, fuses, etc - unless one is a Gunner it all gets a bit confusing, let alone the dearth of figures. Mind you, I suppose one could always tap into the wealth of knowledge and helpfulness on this very site.

But hey! Well done Trumpeter; hopefully we’ll get to see it sometime this year.

From my own selfish perspective, 2023 seems to be starting comparatively well: Airfix Ferret, AK SWB Land Rover, and now this. Rejoice!


And I say don’t hold your breath. The same catalog is showing the 1/32 Devastator that they have been promising for about 20 years now.

Could you please link to catalog.

Poking the bear? :rofl: :rofl:

Well, I definitely want that JLTV Utility as I love the modern stuff - but I’ve loved the M55 since I saw one in the AAF Tank Museum in Danville Virginia. It’s just a cool looking vehicle.

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We definitely need a new correct DUKW. Now the M55 is great, but the question is how much? Trumpeter as of late has been releasing kits for silly money, regularly breaking the $100 ceiling for regular MBT kits. Bad practice!


But is this price due to the importer? Meng kits (and others) at local shops go for silly money here in MN.
I compare their prices to Chinese sellers on eBay and there is a huge difference.

1 Euro is 1 dollar 7 cent (when I write this) so the list prices would be
USD 59.69 and USD 75.92 respectively
The high price for the T-72B1 with cope cage is probably due to the cage and the mine plows (extra parts). Most of the other Trumpeter T-72 (and family) are around 55 Euro or lower

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Uhrah! An M55 in 35th! My long wait is almost over.


Where’s 'dim 1/35 FAMO’s?? :sob:

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Here’s the New Hampshire vendor, who usually beats the other US vendors. Still pricey.

Finally, a M 55, that has been on my want list for years! Can’t wait for it!

Lucky us here in Europe
:grin: :wink:

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