NEWS: VMS Super Glue Remover

With VMS GLUE-REMOVE Debonder you can remove any unwanted super glue residue with ease and no damage to the model itself


We’ve all seen it: White super glue residue on plastic, hard to remove as most debonders will not just remove he glue but also react with plastic ruining the model. Not any more! Apply debonder over CA (super glue) residue and allow 5-10 minutes for the reaction to happen. Remove the dissolved residue with a scrubber brush and wipe the area clean with a cloth, cotton bud or paper towel.

See it in action here:


O heck yeah! I’ll definitely be getting a supply of this. Got a HobbyFan M116 resin kit that I totally botched the alignment of the most crucial and visible part on the body. Now I can resurrect the build and get that kit underway again. Really gotta appreciate the advances being made in this hobby!


Where can we find this miracle elixir?

Looks useful.

I wonder if you have to worry about the intended connection being debonded as well?

Watching the video, they seem to just slap in on.

Anyone tried it yet ?

You can order directly from them:

Or through one of the shops listed here:

However this is a new product so it may take some time to reach the shops, fastest way is on VMS site. No reviews that I am aware of (again, it has just been released last month)

Anyone tried the VMS brand debonder? Impressions?

Currently using StarBond Debonder it’s a very good gel type debonder.