Nha Trang Air Base check point

Haven’t posted anything to the group in quite some time. Here’s a little progress on my Nha Trang air base checkpoint.


Welcome to the new forum. I like what you have done so far on your diorama. Please post more progress photos.


Thanks for the welcome.

That dio is looking great!

have you seen a photo of the Ranch Hand sign? Reason I ask is that nearly all Ranch Hand flights came out of Pleiku and further south. Not saying it’s wrong but also interested me as I was around that poison.

I’ll check into that glad you mentioned it I try to be as accurate as I can.


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Welcome Keenan and the Dio base looks great so far. What do intend including on it, a small vehicle entering or leaving ? I’m guessing a fair few figures ?

reason I asked was somewhat not on the up & up, but not with you sir. I have a lot of friends feeling the effects of Agent Orange, and the Air Force just doesn’t want to talk about it. You cannot ask the air crews as most (if not all) are dead from the stuff. Still once in awhile a new glimmer of light opens up. Fixing the issues is near impossible as most already know, but putting at boot in the rear of the Fed is not impossible. It will finally kill me someday, I’m certain. Yet not for a while longer I hope

Hi Keenan,

Welcome to the club, nice to see your work, the checkpoint looks excellent, :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:.

It would be good to see more images taken from different angles, :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers, :beer:,


A few more photos not sure I will use the m706. Just seems to take a lot of attention away from the scene. Maybe a Mutt or M274.
Will be using Bravo 6 MP’s maybe a civilian or two. Not sure on the rest of figures. Would they all be MP’s at a checkpoint like this?


Yes, sort of. Being a USAF Base, they would be Security Police, but they are basically MPs. Weapons and equipment was basically the same. They had blue helmets w/white lettering though.

They did use M706s as well.

It is a USAF-specific, open-topped version, the XM706E2 though. Also available from Hobby Boss.

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Appreciate the info. Now I got to research the decals for the helmets.

Whoa didn’t know about that kit. May have to get one, looks nice, at least the boxart does lol

VERY NICE!,i have the same dio set, but i might make mine into another base,or use it as a dio for my gun trucks,fi you look at the tracks molded into the dio base ground,they look to me to be m-706 type?,i dont think it distracts from your dio in my opinion.

about 75 miles north of there, there was a Special Forces Camp right on Highway One that kind of looked like that. Been past it several times, but never inside it. Later it was turned over the ARVN Rangers

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Looking really good! This will be a great build. /Erik

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