Ni-11 colours

Just starting an Eduard Ni-11 Weekend kit. I am intending building Lt Edmond Thiffry’s Ni-11 on which he scored his early victories. I am using an after market decal set from Blue River. In the set instructions it says the aircraft was aluminium doped all over, but all references on tinterweb say clear doped unbleached linen. I suspect this is correct but can anybody confirm it?

Lt. Edmond Theiffry Thieffry’s Belgian bird Aluminum dope began to be used on the N.17. Evidently his Nieuport 11 was in CDL Clear Doped Linen.

Hi Stephen, I came to the same conclusion and finished the model as CDL, and very fetching it looks as well. I did try to put pictures on but the gallery was playing up. Thanks for the answer image image image image image