Night Vision (painting experiment)

Night vision,
a 1/35 figure straight from the box.
Painted as seen true a night vision, just for the fun trying something new.
Not 100%, but gonna do some other to get it right,


Very nice, the last one you did looked good when she was sat in the corner with the dog, but this one specially done like it looks very good … you could go a bit brighter with the green but it does look very very good. A background building wall or similar just painted in blacks and dark greys would give it some depth ?

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Wow! That is very, very innovative Jan - well done you.

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Interesting technique. I haven’t seen this done yet

I’ve not seen this done before either- a very interesting concept that’s for sure. Personally, I agree with @Johnnych01 in that going a shade lighter with your highlights and, I would say myself, a shade darker for your shadows might help to make the detail pop out a little more.

that’s an amazing display of painting skilks, well done indeed.

Incredible and something truly unique. Great job all around!

That is awesome. Madd skills there

Been looking at this one for awhile now and I still can’t make up my mind if I like it. Interesting never before seen concept for sure. Well painted, check. :+1: :+1:

Can’t judge the level of realism as I never worn night vision equipment.

Maybe it’s just the green. :grin: :grin:

It is a good representation of looking at a figure using NV sights. It just needs depth perspective like a wall or building in monotone and if possible, and (if possible) to see the figure though an overlayed sight picture to give it meaning.

What a great idea and nicely done .

Excellent idea! :+1:

This is what I meant by having some form of object in the background to add context


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I could see this vignette in a model contest in Madrid in 2019.

It looked quite impressive. In fact, my next diorama is going to be something similar.

You made a great try also, Jan!!


That is impressive, and brings home the point about a background to add context. Whoever did that model has done a great job with the various green tones and the differences in light to dark. That could not of been easy.

How did you do the colours on yours Jan @Jan_Degryse for the experiment above ?

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I like the look. Just cannot get over the barrel in the possible dirt.

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Thanks for the comments,

Afterword’s I realised it’s not a very good position, but making fire on a night mission is also not a good idea. :upside_down_face:

I like the concept, minor to my view are the illuminated parts on the scene.
To many directions, and the guns are just one colour accept the one on the right, but also here very decent. But overall this is some extraordinary work, and a very good reference.

Just used several tones of green, using my experience that I have got painting B&W figures and flats.
The lightest green for the highlights and the top, going down each step a little bit darker.
one of my first B&W

Something I am working on for the moment

A flat
The night vision is the same concept, just the main colour is green.

Thinking in terms of passive night vision, you have only nature illuminating. Something like the moon, lights on the house ore coming true the windows. For the first the main light coming from above.




Those appear to be Airborne Miniatures 1/16 SEALs and the one on the left with the M249 SAW appears to be a 1/16 Legend Production’s SEAL.

I believe that the wall and base comes with the Airborne Miniatures’s kit.

I think whoever painted that did a marvelous job…amazing! :smiley: And that’s how Close Quarters Combat actually is…guns pointing in all directions.

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Still thinking