Гадю́ка Ніко́льського (Nikolsky's Viper)

Now that Ukraine will be getting F-16s (allegedly) any guesses on what they’ll get? I’m thinking most logical options would be (1) Ex Polish Block 50/52s, (2) Dutch MLUs (or other NATO) (3) Ex-US Block 30/40 from Air Guard stock. Figure weapons would be AIM-120s / AIM-9 (M? X?) Air to Ground stuff ? Training will probably be with the Arizona Air Guard … 162nd Fighter Wing … they train all the foreign Viper jockeys’…

I’m more interested in their possible paint schemes and what colours they will use.

If that happens there won’t be any repainting apart from national markings, they will remain grey.

That goes back to the source of the airframes. Polish, US, and Dutch all use differnt schemes/colors. Also, how quick they get put into service (how long is an F-16 conversion course for aircraft and weapons systems and for ground crews? I’m thinking about 9 months, min.) and situation when they do become operational. One decal outfit has a what if set out with the digital camo used on the SU-25s. Speaking of such, anybody know if the SU-25s from Georgia, Macedonia, Bulgaria were repainted before use? (Id’ think no. But…)