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Nimix has re-issued the photoetch sheet of UN insignias with flags, shields and patches for different nations.

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Great initiative but Belgium’ flag should be Black/Yellow/Red

Good idea, but why PE? Decals would be better, no painting and much easier to apply.


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Agree with Mario, a lot of hard work to get the flags and UN badges right and you will lose a lot of the fine detail… trying to do the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes would be pretty hard…Decals would be better. Don’t lose detail and easier to apply

Nice set, but the Austrian flag is missing :wink:
Agree with the others PE is not a good idea, decals would be perfect.


Hmmm tend to disagree… from what I remember, patches were stiff and did not adapt/wrink with the uniform like a decal would do.

While surely easier to use as it does not need paint, I don’t think a decal would look right:


I agree about the newer patches and being velrcoed on, they do remain a lot stiffer and rigid than the older sewn on ones. The problem is still going to be the painting though, most of those details are so small once painted, the detail will be lost …
Pre-painted etch ? or something like Quinta studios does ?