Non-military Pattern Decals

I know about manufacturers of camouflage patterns for uniforms. But I wonder if anyone makes decal patterns for civilian purposes, such as civilian clothing, upholstery, etc. I should think somebody must do something.

There are definitely decals for tartans

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There is a camo pattern made for pinewood derby cars, you can find it at Hobby Lobby. It is a little tricky to apply.

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Thinking outside the box and I don’t know the scale but I’ve seen at Hobby Lobby stuff like this where the girls fancy doll houses that you actually build are. Might look that direction and see if something is usable to you.

Try ETSY and fingernail decals…a whole slew of choices.

This listing is from ebay, Hobby Lobby also has them:
Lot of 7 Packs Pinecar Pinewood Derby Car Body Skins Transfers NIP | eBay
And if you really want something different, you could try this:
Pine-Car Pinewood Derby Smoke Screen Custom Body Skin - Pinewood Derby Decal | eBay


Not to mention paint…

Depending on the scale and purpose for the decals, Microscale Decals have a selection of stripes in various colors: Microscale Decals: HO Scale - Stripes - 6 inch width - Blue
and checkerboard patterns in various sizes and colors: Microscale Decals: Checkers - 1/16 - Black
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