Non Vietnam M48A3 Mod.B s

Seems like all the info I can find on the post 67 A3s is dealing with Vietnam. Did the type see service anywhere else? Korea? I’d kinda like to do a USMC one so I can use the wading set up. Amphib training at Pendelton?


There are a few pics here :

(the pictured tanks are fitted with the Crouse-Hinds 18-inch searchlight)


The USMC used the M48A3 and the M103A2 until 1972, when they finally received funding for the M60A1, which replaced both.

Frenchy, that reference was a great and enlightening read! Thanks.

The Marines used the A3 up till `76.

I think there was a pic in the Squadron “M48 in Action” book of one in Guantanamo Bay.

According to the caption , these are USMC M43A3’s training in 1973 :


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Have to be post 73, more like 75 when MERDC camo was instituted. I was hunting for that pic.

I’d just simply build one right outta the box. Very little weathering and nothing bent up or rusted. in otherwords something like a gate guard.

I must admit I didn’t check the date…The same picture has been used for the cover of one of Michael Green’s book (no date…) :


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I’ve got the book but wasn’t going to scan it.

Thanks, Guys. The Gitmo Platoon catches my interest. Found a couple photos, but both were grainy news paper shots. Anybody have any thoughts on markings? (One in the photos has what looks like maybe a thunderbird emblem on the search light cover). I’m thinking they may have been marked with just USMC … no seral number … just to keep the Cubans and Soviets on the other side of the wire guessing. Also, any thoughts on a good USMC Green. Modelmasters makes one. As does AK. And, supposedly Vallejos “Russian Green” is a possible match. Any thoughts?

just be sure to heavily fade the paint from top to bottom (lighter at the top). That sun gets pretty intense down that way

I went active duty in early 1973, most of the APCs in the battalion were already painted in MERDC. Only the new vehicles such as the first generation TOW-M113s can still in solid OD; we re-painted them as soon as they were inventoried. So, MERDC was in play prior to 1975.

That’s interesting; whilst my contact with US vehicles wasn’t much, from 71-74 apart from a specialized M113 parked up outside our Corps HQ one day in Olive Drab, everything I saw was in MASSTER (admittedly mainly trucks and Gama Goats).

Mind you, our own stuff was still sometimes a mix n’ match of black and olive drab and glossy Bronze Green.


I have the Dragon M48A3 and wanted to do a Gomer Pyle diorama. I assumed they were used in maneuvers in the 1960’s. I also assume the Marine Green color, but how would they be marked?

Some photos of USMC m48’s, Vietnam war most of them

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This one is mid 70s/ post Viet Nam. I’d think the markings were the same. Unit is 1st Tank at Pendleton. Gomer’s home. (What’s brown and sits behind the barracks? Gomer’s Pile!) Last pic is an A2 from 14th ACR to show difference in USA/USMC colors. By the way, I have a spae bottle of USMC green , if you need it, PM me


Thanks for the offer, but I already found and bought Humbrol dark green paint that looks like USMC green.

If I’m not mistaken, all the Mod B upgrades were because of Vietnam. External turret top machine guns, cupola vision block risers, etc. were added due to Vietnam combat experience. Any non Vietnam use of such tanks would be on post war models used elsewhere afterwards.