Normandy Retreat June 1944 | Armorama™

This is a diorama featuring the Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf H escaping from a strafing run by staying off the main roads and in the process busting its left track trying to reverse. The crew have escaped and are taking cover as the junior tankman is trying to get fire-support.

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I’m a bit confused. Is the P47 actually part of the diorama or just photographed afterward so we know this is depicting a strafing run? If the P47 is attached somehow attached to the base I’d like to see a full shot of the dio with the base and a/c in the frame (a straight on shot) to see how it’s attached.
The a/c looks really nice as do the tank and figures.
The only thing I’m not sold on is the explosion (?)
Kudos to the builder, nice concept, build and idea


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I was thinking the same thing about the P-47. If it is, how is it attached? It doesn’t take anything away from it whether it is or isn’t, it still an awesome diorama. Very creative.

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The diorama featured is 1/35. As I described, it’s the the larger version of the 1/144 diorama that’s featured below and which is the base of a 1/32 P-47 in a forced perspective depiction. The suspension wire comes off the right wing and is blended into the explosion. You can just see it in the photo which of course is taken at angles designed to obscure it. You can read about it here.