Northern Model Show

Went to the Northern Model Show today in North Shields, Tyne & Wear. I always look forward to this event as there is always a wide variety of sellers and the models on display at typically top notch. Spent a long while talking to two other ex RAC veterans, a 4th/7th Dragoon Guard and a 17th/21st Lancer. Amazing how many people we all knew. Anyway here are a few pics I took of the models on display. Nothing specific, just what caught my eye at the time.


Some nice kits there … The Dredd busts looked fun… And the Lancaster from St Eval… Where I live … I was just walking around the airfield as well…
I liked that PzH 2000 as well… The MENG one looks tempting… I could do it for the Drop short campaign coming up …

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Lots of inspiration there - I do miss the number of shows we used to have pre-pandemic - but nice to see that when a show is put on it attracts some high-quality modellers. I particularly like the Brit MLRS (though shame about the spelling - forgive me, I can’t help myself), and the Flying Banana dio.

Thanks for posting! I am suitably re-enthused.

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Thanks for sharing these pics- a real showcase of top quality modelling on display there!

Gutted I didn’t know about the Salisbury one … Just had a look through it :+1:

The Lancaster was probably my favourite and I don’t build wingy things, the Phantoms were cool as well. There was quite a bit of 2000AD stuff there, seems to be a new line. I agree that the H21 is good as it looks so weird.

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