Norwegian AFV color?

Hello, just a quick question, does anybody know what color is Norwegian Leopard 2’s and CV9030’s?

Best i can come with is some sort off green…

Fs code or close enough Tamiya or AK real color match would be nice, if anyone know.

I have the AFV Club NM114. While it shows two different three color paint schemes, “Russian Green (2)” is the darker green common to both. I imagine that’s what you need. Their color chart shows suggestions for six different companies, only two are given for that color: Mr. Color - C136, and Lifecolor - UA260. There may be a chart out there giving the Tamiya and AK equivalents to those.

Thanks., i’l see what i can find, or might give Mr. Color a try.

i asked the very same thing on a site called the leopard club and I was told NATO green
which both AK and Tamiya both have

Funny, i already ruled NATO green out.
Of course good to remember that camera and monitor settings etc. affect to how color appears on picture. AND i’m slightly red-green color blind.

I guess i’l now have actually start Academy Cv9030 in mys stash…