Norwegian Army Beret Colours

I am currently building a small-scale model of a Norwegian Army’s BV206 on Arctic exercise.
The vehicle will be crewed by soldiers wearing snow camo suits and berets. What colour would
the berets be? Presumably, this would depend on the regiment. I gather that the Telemark Battalion wear emerald green berets … would they be appropriate for the BV206 model?



I’ve seen dark green or olive, black, khaki. I’m sure there are others. But why would they wear them in the arctic? Troops from that area don’t even wear them much in temperate weather. I know we never wore them during any kind of training at all.
In fact, the last time I wore mine period was to piss off a colonel.

18 Bravo,
Of course you are completely right. Why did I even think of them wearing berets???!!!
So if they are inside the vehicle, what would they logically wear?


Assuming they’re wearing parkas, perhaps the hoods down?

18Bravo is more or less spot on. Only idiots and cavalry use a beret during winter time :grin:
Before we got kevlar helmets in the late 90ties it was very common to wear a knitted white balaclava. When we started getting new helmets they came with a special designed balaclava in white and green.
Berets where used at winter, but mostly for garrison duty or to show off if you were lucky enough to get close to civilization during an FTX.

For colors the standard Army beret was OD green, Cavaly had Black berets, Brigade North has «grain blue» (not sure of the translation, but a dark blue color) and the regiment in Finnmark has umbra green berets. If you are interested here is a link to the NO Army regulations for headgear Link to Norwegian headgear

For your amusement here is a picture of me leading our companys BVs over a nasty mountain during a snow blizzard in the mid 90ties. No berets here… I´m wearing a Army issues wool watchcap (I think they are called…)

Here is a pictures of one of my TOW gunners wearing the white balaclava as mentioned

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Here is another picture from the above mentioned blizzard. The weather went from bad to worse so I had to use an issued facemask.

Basically I was tied to the BV with a rope, skiing in front of it to find a safe route. My driver followed the rope and the standing order was to stop if the rope suddenly thightened up. That would mean I would have fallen off a cliff or a large snowdrift…



Many thanks for your response. Being from the Norwegian military, you obviously have first-hand experience. When I initially mentioned the beret, I was (wrongly) thinking that crew inside the vehicle
would be protected from the extreme cold. Clearly (as confirmed in your photos), this is not the case.


To paraphrase:

The beret is the worst piece of headgear ever designed. It will not keep the sun out of your eyes. It will not keep your dry when it’s raining. It won’t even keep you warm when it’s cold out. But it will get you one thing…

Colonel Robert Howard, Commandant of my SFQC class.

He was right. It did. And often.

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Been in the tank corps, I wore a black beret during my Bundeswehr time. It was perfect for cleaning and polishing my boots, even with black shoe polish. After a while that made it also a bit water proof … :joy: I still have it somewhere …

If you Google a bit you will find plenty of Norwegian cavalry soldiers wearing a beret while operating the Leopard 1. You can also find a lot of old cav soldiers with frost bites…

And for my pictures… They were taken when I needed a quick coffee break to warm up a bit. The BV 206 has a pretty good heater so inside it was warm and cozy. Outside not so much…

I think the first rule of riding in a military vehicle is that, except for maybe rain (depending on the vehicle and circumstances), the climate-control systems will be inadequate to isolate you from the outside weather.