Not a car, a truck: 1/24 Renault Magnum with a "plus"

We’ve designed a small electronic kit dedicated to scale models animation. I’m a bad modeler myself but here is an example of what can be done with it:

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Like it, how easy is it to install and what is the price tag?

We designed it especially for this use, the kit also includes specific plastic parts to make its mounting easier.
For instance, this is how to mount motor wheels:
As for the electronic itself, it is a “plug & play” kit, no soldering, everything is ready to use.
Price depends on the kit (Static or Dynamic) and on the options. It roughly starts from US$ 60.00

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Looks interesting. Thanks.

Definitely looks interesting. I’m looking to build a larger car kit with full lighting, but not motorized wheels. What options for controlling the lights do you have, and what combination of lights is possible.

For example, I would be looking to do the following:
Front - Headlights
Front - Parking lights
Rear - Tail Lights
Rear - Brake Lights
Front and Rear - Left and Right Indicators
Interior - Roof Light
Interior - Dashboard Light



@ Damian: thanks for your comment.
For this kind of animation, you would need the “Static” kit. The module provides 8 LED channels (as many lights as you want on each channel), so there is no problem with the model you mention. Each LED channel is controlled independantly via an app installed on your Smartphone and you can program up to 5 sequences.
Here is an example of such a model (1/24 french Citroen 2cv):

Thanks for the quick reply. Can you please provide some detail on the contents of the kit? For example the length of wiring provided and what materials we might need to supply? What is the power supply?

I would be very interested to see the cost as well, with a shipping estimate to Australia.



@ Damian: most welcome, you may be the very first Australian to know about our products!
The Static kit itself contains:

  • the electronic module (1 x mother board + 1 x daughter board)
  • switch and µUSB connector (for power supply)
  • 1 x speaker
  • 1 x LED stripe 2 channels (2 x white LEDs + 2 x red LEDs) - available in 100 and 200mm (please note that if you need longer stripes, we make them on demand - we can discuss that as well as your project by mail)
  • the app to be dowloaded from our website and installed on your smartphone
    The power supply is not included, we recommend to use the smartphone power supply (no extra power supply to buy).
    Static kit price is roughly US$ 60.00. You can get extra LED stripes on our website (price depends on the number of LEDs and wire length)
    We ship via Colissimo, cost for Australia is roughly US$ 30.00

Interesting concept for both venues. Since all my models are detailed static display models I wouldn’t be interested in the motorized version, especially since I would have to gut basically the entire drive train of the kit to make room for the electric motor. But the lighting might be something that I would be interested in,for a night diorama racing scene.


You’re right, for certain kinds of models (cars or trucks for instance), it is difficult to keep all the details. Plus, it may be more interesting to put these models on a dio than really “driving” them. That’s why we have developped both concepts.
Please note that the sounds are not loaded when you get the module. We’ve choosen this solution so that anyone can load the sounds he wants for its model. Any sound in the good format and good size fits. It means you can have your car (or plane, truck, whatever) play the real sound of its original engine (which you can easily find on the internet), but it can also play “Happy Birthday” or whatever you like! As you can re-program it as often as you want, you can also modify the screenplay and change the dio.
Nonetheless, and for those who are interested in “driving” and wonder how it looks like when mounted, this is an example of a 1/35 scale model (AMD178 “PanPan”):

and here is the video: