Not a kit, but the one of the only Renault 14s you can get!

Sometimes the things I like are just so esoteric and awful that there simply isn’t a kit of a particular subject. I know, it seems weird, but it’s true. However, sometimes I get lucky, and there will be a pre-built replica of the object of my desire/dismay! This is most true when it comes to cars, and particularly European cars!

One perfect example of an unsurprisingly unkitted subject is the Renault 14. While Renault has made a lot of successful (in Europe, at least) cars, the pear-like 14 is not one of them. It’s ugly, weird and shockingly corpulent in the wrong places. Thankfully, French die-cast maker Solido did it’s patriotic best to bring this loser to life, and my version the Solido Cougar version, is the weird dime-store el-cheapo version.

Check out this almost Christmas-coloured abomination of automotive styling quality control at the link below. Just think; now you have something to ask Santa for! You’re welcome!


From a book cover ( My fathers Renault 14 )

There was also a 1:18 model from Otto Mobile (sold out …)

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Wow, there’s a 1/18 of that around?

Well, that gives me something to really search for! Thanks!

I do like French cars myself for their strangeness. The 21 is one of my fav French cars but I like this too- rather interesting shape and the suspension seems to sit quite high. The bright green on your Solido version actually kind of works with the bright orange interior- amps up the awkward shape!

Unfortunately, Renault used “the pear” for their advertising campaign…


I guess they had forgotten that " a pear" in French also means “a sucker”…



Oh dear …
Maybe they realised they were screwed from that start so they tried to
intercept the inevitable. Otherwise the marketing manager should look for a new job …

Their TV ad was no better… :roll_eyes:

It was expected to boost the sales that were desappointing… :-1:

More about the ill-advised press campaign :



Hey ! That was the design of the mid 70’s ! Almost one million were produced ( and sold also ! ). Only a few have survived because anti-rust treatment was not good before the 90’s…

The Ford Ka was something stranger !

Hey, I actually owned one of those, it did all right for three years when I traded it for a Citroen BX. The 14 actually had some good ideas in it and was more spacious than it looked, ideal for a growing family. The car’s power was fairly normal for a family car in the 80s in the UK, rust was also normal at the time, in fact my 14 had no visible rust when I sold it, far better than the Austin Maestro I had before it. It was also more reliable than the Maestro (not difficult, the Maestro was easily the worst car I ever had). Driving dynamics of the 14 were fairly numb although better than the 16 I also had, turn the wheel quickly in the wet in the 16 and it would keep going in a straight line, the 14 was better than that.

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My dad had a Dauphine Gordini I. It ran OK when it did run.