Now for something completely different....Honda 250 - 6

A change from my usual fare (WW2 German 1/35th). I undertook to make this kit for a mate. He had bought the kit a few years ago, opened the box and bottled out! He did offer to buy the extras, including the chain with separate links, but at 64 with appropriate eyesight, I had to draw the line at this! Seperate track links, yes; 1/12 chain with separate links - no thanks! I am now beyond the stage shown in the photos, will add more shortly. There is a lot of pre-painting before assembly…


Very nice metal finish. Great to see another 2-wheeler hit the bench here as well!

Looking forward to more progress reports.

Cheers, D

More progress. This is where we were last night…


Here it is, done. It’s not perfect, but there is a limit! I have delivered the kit to the owner and he seems happy with it. I know all the bits that aren’t quite perfect. The close ups make the tank look a bit blobby, but honestly at normal distance it looks OK. I managed to lose one of the four magnets supplied to hold the fairing lower pieces on, so had to glue it, but to be honest, once the fairing is on, it’s on. To take it off to view the engine is going to break something off, it’s such a tight fit.


Now that’s one impressive Honda 1/12 scale 250cc bike. You did one heck of a job with the engine/trans metallics. Plenty of variation of tones and colors, yet everyone looks right to my eye.

And speaking of eyes, if you think your vision is starting to fade at 64, just wait till you get to my age: 74 and fortunately, still counting.

The overall look of the finished bike is very well done, with excellent glossy paint work.


That is a really great looking model of an iconic bike, beautiful!

Very nice - one of my all time favorite bikes .

Great job, congrats on getting it completed and thanks for sharing your work with us!

What’s next on the bench?

Cheers, D

Nice finish. The paint and details

Thanks for the kind comments guys. Joel W, I’m fortunate in having a garage full of 1/1 bikes (not Hondas) to check out metallic effects on. Believe it or not, all the paint is Humbrol. The fairing and tank got a top coat of clear varnish to help get a good shine. The exhausts were painted with a mixture of 4:1 matt black to gloss black to get a slight sheen.

Nothing like 1:1 references. Sure wish I had a Porsche 917K parked in my garage, or access to one, neither which will likely ever happen.

I’m not a Humbrol paint user as it’s not so easy to come by here in the states, but as I said, it’s the finish that counts, and yours looks dead on.