Number of passenger trains in the United States vs. Europe

Concur. I’m so sick of these rolling road hazards that I would take the train to and from work everyday if I could. And it’s only 12 minutes from my house to work. Alas, no train in this area.

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I completely forgot about the most interesting train ride I ever took.

In 1987, while living in West Berlin, I decided to visit the Soviet Union. I was out of the Army (the first time) by then. I was with a group of Germans, mainly Berliners. We flew from East Berlin to Moscow on Interflug - an experience worth its own thread someday. We spent about three days in Moscow at the Hotel Cosmos. The adventures those three days were plenty, and most inappropriate for a family oriented site. Then we took a night train to Leningrad. I had befriended a few of the Berliners, and we caroused on that train like I don’t think the crew had ever seen. Later that night after we’d been banished to our berths, we grabbed some tea glass holders from the cart when it was across from us in the aisle. Those would bite us in the azz as we attempted to fly out of Leningrad back to East Berlin. Of course they discovered them on us (along with a lot of other choice items I had purchased, like a desert hat from Afghanistan, a country I probably still couldn’t find on a map at that point. It turned out these things were made out of silver, but as they had no stamp on them indicating their value, we were allowed to take them. I still have mine somewhere, but as I don’t have a tea glass that fits into it, it’s somewhat useless. I should have planned better…


Simon Andersen rides a Swedish retro train (in commercial service)

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