Number of track links on some US tanks

Was building the Dragon M103 and the tracks broke into many pieces due to brittleness ( age I guess). Was looking for replacement to no avail. So as they look similar I though getting some m48/M60 ( early) track links might do. The box comes with 186 links. Can anyone tell me the links per side of an M48, M60 and an M103? Will one box suffice or will 2 be necessary?

The T97E2 tracks are the same for both the M46/M60 and M103. It takes about 87 tracks per side for an M48/M60. You will probably need two sets of the AFV Club tracks since the M103 has an extra road wheel on each side and there isn’t enough in one box.

Thank you. I looked in Hunnicut (Patton) but was lost in all the other stuff and could find nothing. I thought to count on the rubber band track I had for m60 series, but I figured I wasn’t correct ( I wasn’t)

One set of AFV Club tracks will suffice for the M103 because there are enough spares included. Also the number of links you will use depends on how you tension the track and the position of your suspension and tensioner (the suspension parts fit tight but there is also some give which may lead to the need for an extra link).

EDIT: Counted the links for each vehicle (the left side, the other side needs one more or less, cant recall), T97 track from AFV Club used on all kits:

Takom M60 82 links
AFV Club M60 82 links
Esci M60 83 links (the suspension sits a bit higher)
Dragon M48 82 links
Dragon M103 83 links

That is good to know. I got 2 sets with the hope of putting one set on my AFV M60a1 kit…figuring the extras from it would add to the ones from the first to do the M103.

I don’t see how the M103 can have only 1 additional track link. Are you sure on that? The extra road wheel length should require at least 6 extra links per side.

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The hull length is almost identical (hulls aligned on the idler)

M48 Dragon

M60 Takom

The difference is about half a sprocket diameter


I don’t see any AM tracks for the M88 series but it’s based on the M103 hull isn’t it or was that just the M51 ARV? Perhaps the AFV club M48 / M60 tracks have enough spares to cover it?

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The M51 is the one based on the M103 but all three vehicles have the same track. The difference between the M88 and M48 tracks is in the pitch but in 1/35 scale it is not that noticeable

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