Nurburgring 24hr model

Hello car modellers,
.Like a recent post I usually build armour but after a trip to the Nurburgring circuit last October I would like to try a racing car from the 24 hr race. I don,t have a clue where and what manufactures are out there. Any information would be appreciated.
Cheers Paul

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NuNu models makes several of the cars from the 24hrs of Nurburgring. They have an Audi R8 LMS EVO

& a BMW M6 GT3

Good luck finding them, thought as they tend to be difficult to locate.

Tamiya makes a Mustang GT4

& a Mercedes-AMG GT3

with generic decals so you’ll need to source some aftermarket deals. Maybe from Spot Models.


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I will second the recommendation for Spot Model - they are dedicated to automotive subjects and stock a wide variety of auto and motorcycle kits, and detail parts, paints and accessories. It can take some time reviewing their website, and finding what you need because their stock seems to be so deep.

I’ve had great service form them, and time waiting for deliveries is not bad - I’m in the western US and they are in Spain, but all things considered, the wait time is usually ok with me. And, they answer emails - quickly.

OK, enough - enjoy your project!


Thanks, that answers my question “SPOT” on!.

Cheers Paul

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Check these out.

NUNU Model are also sold as Platz boxing.

Having built all the pictured kits, Nunu/Platz and Tamiya kits are on equal par with the quality, fit, and accuracy of their kits. Where Nunu is vastly superior is in the decal department as there’s are dead on and thin, while Tamiya’s are equal in accuracy but as usual to thick unless made by Cartograf.

Spot model is my go to resource for all car kits and accessories, but for paint my #1 resource is Gravity of Spain. Pre-thinned for air brush, and they have almost every real race car color you can think of. As for service, orders are generally received in 3 days as a rule, not the exception. What ever you do, don’t order paints from Gravity located in Florida. Different company, and service/shipping is horrendous.

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re: Spot Model

I ordered a resin set to convert the Hasegawa VW single cab pickup into a double cab from them, so now I have all the base models VW offered for the split window Type 2. I think I am going to order the Revell late model bus and Vanagon as their prices with shipping are as good as I can get from eBay and they include some nice extras. I don’t really build most of what they offer (I just do VWs and muscle cars) but for the VW stuff I think they have become my go-to vendor.

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I have built a lot of Tamiya kits and I have a lot to in my closet…I agree with you on fit and finish !!..and the Cartograph decals too …also Tabu is nice too.

Thanks for all the info, really helpful. I am still finishing off a Grant tank, but when that’s done I will check out these manufacturers. I’ll need to run it past my son as it was his idea to build one after our trip. We did three laps, an absolutely unforgettable experience. Anyway when I start you may well see me here again.

Cheers Paul

Take a look on the Hiroboy site they are UK based and specialise in Bikes and car kits plus also all the AM to go with them, check prices though as they are not always the cheapest.

Well this appeared on my birthday, so while not a Nurburgring racer it was time for something other than armour.

This was a blast, really enjoyed it, Tamiya quality, just about built itself ! However, kudos to you car builders……it’s not as easy as it looks, there is far less room for error compared to tanks especially paintwork, much to learn.

Cheers Paul


While the kit is top notch being Tamiya quality, their decals leave a lot to be desired, and your decaling is just amazing.

And how right you are about the paint work. No real room for errors as the gloss makes the goofs just jump right out at the viewer. I do like approach you took to adding some road grime and dirt to your paint job. Overall I’d say that you didn’t have any real issues laying down that white paint.


Time to forget them Nurburgthings, if you’re not already an aficionado a chunk of TV time this coming Sunday is devoted to the last meeting of the 2023 British Touring Car Championship! Plenty of inspiration to be had, and the support races can get quite interesting too…



Not much touring car racing here in the states these days that are on TV. Mostly it the Various IMSA series and the coverage is ok at best. For me it’s all about F1 and Indy Car. I do watch the Nascar road races which for me puts the ovals to shame.