Nut,bolts,washers and in scale coiled radio wire

I’ve gotten away from aftermarket nuts,bolts and washers,reason being no matter what blade I use it always comes out at an angle which is a real pita to sand I turned to evergreen styrene stock.they have,I think,4 sizes of hexagonal rod and plenty of sizes of round rod.I slice what I need with my Chopper,can find at e-bay or micro mark.round rod I use as washers and sometimes rivets,for rivets cut the length you need glue in place and carefully with a cigarette or punk,I’ve even used incense sticks,just get the heat close to rod piece and it will round over a very believable rivet for radio coiled wire trial and error stretching sprue then wrap it around a sew needle hold it between your fingers a few minutes or also under hot running water for it to take a coil shape


Plastruct has even more sizes available of round and hex rod.

I didn’t think plastruct was useable with normal styrene cement

Available in white styrene just like Evergreen, I can snap a picture of some for you.

Would be great I just never knew,thank you

I get some pics over the weekend.