ÖAF Cement mixer

This is a build log.
Base model is a vac formed kit, Unser Heer im Model - ÖAF, with lot of modifications, schratchbuilt chassis, resin wheels, etc.
The cement mixer body from Four Stars Miniatures.

More photos coming soon! Although I’m currently suffering from a creative crisis :slight_smile:


That is a VERY ambitious project!
Were did you get information about the chassis?

Many years ago in the next village i saw an ÖAF 6x4 dump truck, and made pair of photos.


Loving this.

Looks great. :+1::+1:

Where did you get the resin wheels from?

The vacuum kit is still avaiable?

Those vacuuum-kits used to be available here:

Maybe they could come back sometime …

This is what scalemates has to say about it:
HSV at Scalemates

That’s impressive! A far cry from my own early attempts at vac-form kits…