Objekt 640 Black Eagle, 1997 version


One of my last finished kit : Objekt 640 Black Eagle, 1997 version
It’s a Pawel Urbanek (TankMania) conversion kit release around 2015.
It’s designed to be build using Zvezda T-80 kit.
I want to do the first version of this prototype, briefly seen during VTTV Omsk in 1997.
The first version based on T-80U standard chassis.
Later, Objekt 640 will be on a new elongated hull with 7 roadwheels

So I build T-80BV chassis, just replacing frontal armor for a SP Designs part.
And I replace front lights with FCModeltrend T-80 set.
No particular issue. I just cut T-80BV sideskirts and rebuild new one using T-80UD parts.
Resin conversion is quickly clean and few parts glue together.
Nothing really hard to do.

Once build finished, let’s go for primer !
As usual, I use Tamiya grey primer spray. Certainly the best for this job !

Running gear and tracks are assembled together but not glued to the hull

As I don’t want to paint it overall black, I imagine that the new Ministry of Defence Igor Sergeyev want to present a new tank for the exhibition but… at KBTM factory new hull is not ready, only the mock-up turret
So, in emergency the designers team decide to use a standard T-80U hull, they’ve got plenty of them in factory, waiting refurbishment !

I paint hull side using Alcad aluminium, the center of hull is painted using different rust tone.

After that I spray a heavy cheapping fluid and begin to apply camo using different Tamiya paint mix.

But Black Eagle need black ! The turret is painted black using Tamiya Nato black + Buff for highlight.

Designers team decide to change running gear. So roadwheel and tracks are new.
I paint roadwheels in a standard green and nuts with a mix of Humbrol gold + aluminium to represent brand new nuts.

Let’s seen how black turret fit on camo hull !

Nice combo… but it’s personnal opinion :grinning:

Small piece of VTTV Omsk demonstration area and let’s go for final photos

It was a fun build !
Hope you like it

And what a f##ing turret !!!

Stay safe


This is awesome, great work!