OD shade for footlockers and field equipment

Hi all. Does anyone know the correct shade of OD that was used in the early 1950’s on footlockers and other field equipment?

Can’t help with that but welcome to the forum. I’m sure someone will make a suggestion.

Thank you!

There wasn’t really one color; it varied. Shades of field green, dark green, OD, etc. will all work.

Actually, while things do tend to fade over time, (outdoors at least) colors were generally, as with most things in the Army, formulated to certain standards. Most issued equipment maintained those standards. In the case of footlockers it was 24087 OD.

I pulled this image from the web — the closest recollection I have of my dad’s old footlocker from the 50s. Some close color matches can be found at ‘Scale Hobbyist’

(Image for reference only.)


Indeed. SG OD shown here on that site is also very close to 24087 OD.