Odd texture on Academy M51

Title says it all. I guess it was an attempt to add cast texture. Anyway for those who may have built this kit how did you deal with it? Did you leave it or sand it off, add additional texture or what? Cant really decide how I want to deal with it. Thanks.

I left the texture as is. But aside from adding some basic stowage and antennas, my build was OOB.

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Plan a mostly OOB build myself but was wondering about just leaving the texture as is. Not really noticeable in the photos so I guess it will be alright. Thanks.

I kind of came into this kit partially built, just the road wheels and and a few other small bits but the rest was untouched. Yours looks very nice. What color did you use for the 73 sand?

Thank you. I used the Model Master Acrylic IDF sand over a brown primer base.

Might have some of that otherwise I’ll mix Tamiya. Thanks.

I lightly sanded mine, then brushed on a layer of Humbrol liquid poly to soften the edges - once primed and painted it was smooth enough to no longer offend the eye! But I agree it is a tad overdone as-moulded…

Left mine as it was… first picture is with base paint on, then with weathering, and finished…

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Thanks for the responses. I have decided to just leave it alone.