Oerlikon Types

I am planning a build of trumpeters USS England, as USS Bates for the D day campaign. I bought some metal Oerlikons for it, and realized I think I bought the wrong type with the chamfered shield. There were labeled as type B, I think the ones I want are type A. Anyone have information on which shield types were appropriate for which time, and which types appeared when?

Sorry for the naive question, this will be my first foray into the world of floating things

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Great subject and nice kit.

Photos indicate that USS Bates’ 20mm Oerlikons had squared shields.

Photos of other ships of the class also show squared shields.

But one photo, shown below, suggests that Bate’s Oerlikons they may have been unshielded for a time. The photo is very poor so it is difficult to tell with any certainty.


Recommend contacting historian Rick E. Davis on the forums of ModelWarships.com. He has extensive files and may have scans of the ship’s deck logs as well as high-res shipyard photos of the ship. He may be able to confirm whether or not the ship’s Oerlikons were shielded or not at D-Day.

Post your question at the end of the Buckley-class thread. Rick is likely to see it. Link:

Hope this helps.


Fantastic, thanks for providing some leads!! I’ll be sure to track them down