Off to Grandma’s house

Tamiya 1/12th Hayabusa motorcycle and resin figure. image|666x500

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Nicely done! Of course, she’ll want to zip up before actually riding - she could get a bird caught up under there.

A Robin Red Breast perhaps? :thinking: :grin:

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A guy in my class went riding his 125 cc motorcycle, a few kilometres from the beach back to where he lived. Dressed in bathing shorts …
He hit a swarm of wasps doing 85 - 90 km/h …
Lots of pain and a chest full of dead wasps, he looked as if he had been sprinkled with raisins …


That brings back adolescent memories of Marianne Faithfull in the 1968 movie “The Girl on a Motorcycle”. The U.S.title of their edited version was " Naked Under Leather" referencing the fleece-lined catsuit worn by Faithfull’s character, which I understand was an innovation for the movie. Faithful was the girl associated with Mick Jagger in the “Mars Bar” myth.