Officer Grenadier Guards, 1854 (75 mm) from OlimpYa

OlimpYa Models announced new figurine:
Officer Grenadier Guards, 1854
Scale: 75 mm
Material: metal
Sculpted & Box art by Marino Di Roberto

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I’m no expert on the Crimean period - which I suspect this is - but the bearskin looks a bit weedy. Assuming the artist of “The Roll Call” - Lady Butler - got her details right:


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I’m inclined to agree. Look at these chaps and they’re not even officers!
Fine Lads | Crimean war, British army uniform, British soldier (

The sword doesn’t look quite right compared to the examples from the same period that I was looking at in a local museum last weekend.

Amazing to see actual photos of that war. Wasn’t it the first war to be photographed?