Ohne Mampf kein Kampf

I am really glad that I didn´t bought the HO gauge Feldküche from Preiser. :wink:

at 1:82, those meat chunks will be tiny!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have now Riich´s Feldküche on my bench. What about a new dish? Erbsensuppe maybe? But don´t look for the right size of the peas! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

If the soup is made right, no peas will be recognized :wink:

But how about the Wurst and the Speck?

Something says to me that Wurst was not included and the dices of Speck are too small to be discerned…

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Bratwurst & Frikadellen bitte

Thank god Aldi and Lidl came over to the UK :grin:

With chips?

haha … yes, with mayo or currywurst…

There was a little corner shop in Windsor, that used to sell nothing but a selection of German food products … was heaven

Legendary Bundeswehr Erbseneintopf contains also Bockwurst.
@Johnnych01 What do you eat in the Army?

I was war, so things might have been slightly different… I prefer the Dutch smoked sausage btw

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nothing that the army chefs make lol.

I only use the mess occasionally now, but in Germany our cookhouse was quite good and always had a selection of German meals on offer. And when I was out there as a married person, we shopped in the NAAFI for UK food, but we also shopped in the local German stores 50% of the time, so we always tried to eat German based meals or eat out at local taverns/restaurants

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Go with Alclad Stainless steel in the cauldron.