Oil dot filtering

Thanks!! I am going to try blending the dusty effect on the front some more, add washes to the tracks, running gear, tires, and then pigments for the same and the lower hull and I think call it a day!


I’ve had better luck w more and more practice. My first attempt was on a Stug that I had a nice 3 color ‘standard’ pattern on. I just dive on w a basic set of oils w zero thought and as SdAufKla mentioned I didn’t have a color wheel handy. Long and short, yellow oil dots along w blues and some others gave my Stuff an overall greenish cast that I just couldn’t get to lighten up (even considering it was over a semi gloss varnish). So lesson learned. My next attempt was on a solid OD Sherman, I did a few things differently, up’d the quality of the oils, leeched them longer on cardboard, l applied w a toothpick to make the ‘dots’ smaller, limited my pallet to grey, several greens and browns along w white eliminating the chance to mix primaries and get a tint overall that I hadn’t considered.

I believe you asked about the sequence also, my oil work is basically my last. I do major painting w acrylics so do any decals, chipping, dry brushing and detail painting first. Then my varnish, prep my oils, spread mineral spirits then dots, let them sit for a few then spread as noted above. Once I have done those filters and washes I’ll do any other touchups I deem needed and my final step is pastels. One thing I haven’t done yet w oils that I want to try is more of a modulation approach w shades of similar colors over the base. Maybe that’s that Spanish school I’ve seen referred too but executed correctly it’s a nice result to break up any large slab or flat areas.

Thx for the post. I picked up a few more “a-ha’s” reading through the comments.

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The two key lessons I learnt were first to put on a clear coat. Otherwise the thinners ‘burns’ through the top coat of paint. Second have a ‘wet’ brush to wash off the oil. Wash off almost to the point where you wonder if there is any oil left on the model.
Let it dry right off then stand back and think about the next step. Don’t rush it.


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