Old Minicraft 1/16 1931 Ford pickup rebuild

I needed a subject to practice paint and weather techniques on. In one of my display cases, way at the back, was a Minicraft 1931 Ford pickup. I believe I put it together 30-40 years ago. The glue was %$#@ and it was falling to pieces. So I dusted it off. Stripped the paint. Gave it a rusty red undercoat. Hairspray. A dirty white top coat.
Then chipped a reasonable mount off. Then I figured I goofed. In my haste I hadn’t sprayed the rear tub. So I brush painted it.
Then out with the oil paints.

At this stage the cab and hood are almost done. I need to tone down the back somewhat. The door hinges are gone so I need to figure out what to do with them.

I guess I’m halfway through the rebuild. A lot of parts are missing after 30-40 years. So rather than a detailed rebuild I aim on ‘junking’ it on a diorama. Weeds, rust and dust!!

Anyway a fun ‘re’ build.

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OOPs. Sorry about the bright photos. I’ll try taking them a again without the blown out highlights.


Now that’s great thinking out of the box. The restoration to a junked and rusting old pickup looks great. Weathering is really adding that something extra.

Looking forward to seeing your diorama.


Great idea, and very nice execution so far. Looking forward to more progress reports on this one!

Cheers, D

That looks really good without being overdone . It looks the part for sure

A couple of new images. I’m using my phone so please excuse the image quality. (And the messy work bench).

I’ve installed a real wood floor out back. I’ll stain it when glue has gone off.

Bullet holes in door and door window. I also installed a roof liner. You can just see some of it hanging down like it would be in an old vehicle.



Great job on the wood bed floor. Can’t get any more realistic then the real deal. The hanging door looks great. And the roof liner from the little we can see adds another touch and dimension to the build.

I’m not a truck guy, but I’m loving your restoration/build.


OK time to finish this build up. I have a hundred more ideas but time is against me. I will put it on a diorama base at sometime. May even get the camera out and take some better shots than I can get with the phone camera!!

It’s a great model from way back in the 1980’s I think. (Minicraft). Over the years I lost a number of parts. The old glue just gave up and bits just dropped off. The plastic is very hard. It stripped ok and painted well. But my Mr Cement S struggled to weld the parts. Maybe they will drop off in another 40 years!!!

The cab forward is weather using the hair spray technique. The rear bucket is brush painted and weathered with oils. The fenders are weathered by rubbing them down with a very fine sand paper.

The rear bed is real timber. The tarp is an old handkerchief over a foam block.
As I said above this was a test bed for some weathering techniques.

I have a few more 1/16 scale models around somewhere that I may dust off. A Thomas Flyer and a T Model Ford at least. Maybe even an old Bugcatti.



I’m really impressed with all your weathering techniques. All are realistic, and they all work well together.