Old wood boards 1st attempt

Hi all below is my first attempt at old weathered wooden boards. I was hoping for some useful critiques or advice if possible. The kit is trumpeter’s M-872 flatbed trailer that comes with their M-915. I had to carve the wood grain myself it was a combination of a #11 blade (most of it) and a razor saw. Well without further ado here it is…

sorry for the crappy phone pictures, hopefully you get the jist of it though. Thanks everyone and enjoy the weekend!


Looks good and realistic from here :+1:t4:

Those are good!!!

Looks really nice, especially in the first photo. The rest seem to be taken under intense light and down show as much. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Excellent work here. Maybe you could post a video on your tecnique?

Looks ok to me. Where possible I would replace the wood with real wood. Bass wood works well. If using plastic try a wire brush.