Older kits, mainly ships for sale - "US only

Hi folks.
Due to age related loss of dexterity, I am clearing out my stash of some older kits. Prices do not include postage but are flexible. Postage will be added from zip code 35634. I will combine items to reduce postage. Paypal preferred but I will accept checks by mail. If you have any questions let me know.


  • City House Ruin; Verlinden, MDA 35005: $5 (weighs about 2 pounds) - SOLD
  • TKS-MG15 Tankette; Mirage, kit 35515, kit in bag: $3
  • M997 4x4 Ambulance, Academy, kit 1352: $8
  • USS Tacoma, PG-92; full hull, Revell, H-432, kit started, all parts present with some aftermarket parts: $4 - SOLD
  • USS Olympia; full hull, Revell, kit 5026, hull halves have first paint coat, all parts still on trees: $5
  • USS Buckley DE-51: full hull, Revell, kit started, some aftermarket parts: $4 - SOLD
  • U40, Type IXA; Mirage, kit 350504: $5
  • British K-Class sub; MikrMir, kit 350-021, box bottom missing, are parts still in sealed bags: $3
  • U2, Type IIA; Mirage, no box, parts still bagged: $2
  • V-106, WWI Torpedo Boat; full hull, Mirage, kit 40028: $3
  • ORP Sokol; ACA, kit 1403: $3
  • USS Ward, DD-139 (Pearl Harbor); full hull, Mirage, kit 40601: $4
    1/700 = SOLD
  • USS Alabama, BB60; waterline, Hasegawa, kit 44121, includes Master brass barrels for 5"/38 and 16"/45 guns, wooden deck for Trumpeter Alabama kit, and Flagship Models US WWII Battleships p/e: $20
  • IJN Tatsuda, CL; waterline, Hasegawa, kit 93, copied instruction: $4
  • Fletcher, DD443; waterline, Revell, kit 05127: $3
  • Fletcher Class DD; waterline, Skywave, kit 1, two kits in box: $3
  • Gato Class Sub & IJN Subchaser; waterline, Skywave, kit 18: $3
  • Tribal Class DD; waterline, Airfix, kit 51801, two kits on card: $3


  • 1/700 WWII US Battleship, Flagship Models: $3
  • 1/700 US Destroyer, Toms Modelworks, kit 701: $3
  • 1/700 US Destroyer Rail Netting, Toms Modelworks, kit 714: $2
  • 1/700 Naval Figures, painted, Eduard, 17502: $2 - SOLD
  • 1/350 Naval Figures, painted, Eduard, 17501: $2 - SOLD

Thanks for looking!


I would take the 350 & 700 Eduard painted figures. My zip is 60563. Thanks

Hi. The figures are still available. With postage the total will be $5. My paypal account is mcdanieljohnb@bellsouth.net. Send me your mailing address to this email address. We are snowed in here in north Alabama with 5 inches on the ground and now freezing rain is falling. It will probably be next week before I can ship. I won’t accept your payment until I can ship.
John McDaniel

Hi Ron,
Both kits are available. I can get both kits in a large flat rate box with postage at $22.80. Total for both kits and postage would be $35.80. My paypal account is mcdanieljohnb@bellsouth.net. Send me your mailing address to this email. We’ve been snowed in here in north Alabama since Sunday and now we are getting freeing rain on top of the snow. It may be next week before I can ship. I won’t accept payment until I can ship.
John McDaniel

Are the tacoma, buckley, and ward ship kits still available? I’m in 38829 and still snowed/iced in as well.

Hi Jeff,
Yes the kits are still available. Packaged together they are about 18"x12"x8". Estimating 1 pound per kit. Per the USPS website priority mail is $12.20 and ground advantage is $10.55. Our post office has started delivery today but are not accepting packages until they can clear their backlog. Probably 2-3 days before I can ship.

Thanks John. My wife has a PayPal friends and family account that I’ve used before. Will that work for you? If not I can send a UsPS money order. So I’m looking at 25 or less total for the 3 kits shipped either method, correct?
I just joined today so I’m not familiar with the PM function here, I’ll see if I can figure it out. Let me know how to proceed with this transaction. I do have a presence in the agapemodelers.com forum and arcair if you need a reference.

Hello, shipping for the Verlinden house to 80911?


Hi Jeff,
You are correct on the total. $12 for the kits and add postage. I’ll use the cheaper method unless you have a preference. Just email me at mcdanieljohnb@bellsouth.net. I’ll send you my info and we can complete the transaction.

Hi Mike,
The box is about 8"x8"x4" and 2 pounds. Per the USPS website, from 35634, priority mail would be $18.40 and ground advantage would be $11.60.

Email sent. Many thanks.

Hi Stan,
I don’t know if you got my earlier reply. The figures are still available. The postage will be $1. Please reply to my email at mcdanieljohnb@bellsouth.net if you’re still interested.

Hi All,
Just updating my list to mark the items sold.

Glad everything went okay. I hope you enjoy the kit.

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