On Display: 1/48 Kamov KA-50 Hokum "Black Shark" by Chema Martinez Fernandez

A fantastic build of the Kamov KA-50 Hokum “Black Shark” attack helicopter by Chema Martinez Fernandez. It looks great and very menacing. Nice job.

The Kamov KA-50 Black Shark (Hockum) Attack Helicopter | Armorama™

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@HeavyArty I’m glad you mentioned the scale here but do you know the kit manufacturer’s name as i didn’t think there were any of these out there in 1/48.

I’m not sure what kit it is. It wasn’t listed as this was originally submitted by someone else and under the Armorama section. Italeri does/did one in 1/48th though. It has been re-boxed by Revell as well.

A very close scrutiny of the red wiggles in the lower right corner of the images reveal the text
Kamov KA-50
Revell 1/48
Chema Martinez
/ HawkEye



@HeavyArty @Uncle-Heavy thanks guys i am viewing thos on my phone so it wasn’t apparent.

is that still available, i thought both versions were OOP?

It’s hard to see on a large computer screen so it would be impossible on a phone …

The kit:
Released twice by Italeri and once by Revell.

Given current events I wouldn’t be surprised if either manufacturer released it again

thanks for the link Robin, 9 bids on it already!

i really hope rhe re-pop these again soon, it feels like a missed opportunity right now.

I would hold on to my cash and hope for a re-release.
The current bid isn’t too bad but the shipping kills it …

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Love it, i hopes it’s a better base kit than the italeri Tiger that i’m building (rebuild is the good word)
I have the Ka50 to build too but i’m tired of the Italeri helos for now.

Sorry …