On Display: 1/72 Mil Mi-26 Halo Diorama by Milan Radulovic

A fantastic diorama of a 1/72 Mi-26 Halo helicopter by Milan Radulovic.


Wow! That is fantastic! Love the camo pattern; such a great job on the finish. I like the BTR-80 (?) there as well. I’ve seen so many awesome helicopter models on this sight it makes me want to start building one but I have too many models in the stash as it is. I have a hobby boss Mi-8T that I should tackle. Very inspiring!

That is not a bad generic Mi-8 kit and probably the best in the scale. The Mi-8/17 has lots of changes and configurations depending on factory and customer options. A under represented researched modern helicopter.

I like the Mi-26 build, I have a similar idea with mine but using a Ural truck. Begemot Decals has a great decal sheet.

After I’m done with a figure project and my Dragon panzer iv e maybe I’ll start it . Haven’t built a helicopter since I was about 12 or something.

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Wow, do we know which kit this is made from?

I can’t confirm it, but I think it is one of the Amodel kits. I believe they are the only 1/72 kits of it.


This model is Zvezda