ON DISPLAY: "Get to da CHOPPAH!" - Vietnam 1969 Helicopter Diorama by Suresh Nathan

The idea of the Vietnam war being a multinational effort appealed to me. I settled on the UH-1H in Bushranger configuration. The AH-1G bears the markings of the Squatter Swatter piloted by Capt. Hugh Mills who is featured in the Squadron book. The M113 is really nothing special and is meant to portray a generic armored personnel carrier in the field.

Get to da CHOPPAH! Vietnam 1969 | Armorama™


And also a member here as I recall @Hugh_Mills.

A great looking diorama. It looks great and tells a story. Great job.

Love action shots, and the helo blades came out very convincing. The cargo hatch is upside down, though. I think the kit part might be wrong. The pull chain should be on the other side.