On Display: ICM 1/35 CH-54A Tarhe

ICM has sent built up pics of their recently release 1/35 CH-54A Tarhe. It looks very impressive.

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A video worth watching! :tv:


I ordered and received the kit from Poland via ebay for $166 and change, including tax & shipping, in March. Calling it impressive is an understatement. Super detailed and BIG!

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Nigel’s Modelling Bench: ICM 1/35 CH-54A Tarhe Build

Thought you might find this YouTube build series interesting.
Bring lots of popcorn.:popcorn:

—mike :helicopter:

I feel an Erickson Cranes firefighting conversion coming on! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There is a pretty serious issue with the Undercarriage / Landing Gear.

‘Aerocraft Models’ makes an upgrade for the kit.

Note: I have no affiliation with any manufacturers.

—mike :helicopter:


Thanks for showing!

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That looks like an awesome kit!

I am not saying it cannot help as I think the pins for the wheels could be a weak point but that seems like an infomercial with someone trying to cut a tomato with a butter knife. I don’t treat my models that roughly. While he was pointing out the scissors look better in 3D they don’t work if having the helo inflight. Since he did mention extending the legs, he should have also mentioned the scissors have a larger angle that the 3D wouldn’t work with.

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