? On Octopus Tigers

Has anyone here ever built a Kingtiger with the Octopus Camo scheme? I was reading about them earlier today and found the story fascinating.

I haven’t tried an Octopus Camo yet but it looks like a fun paint scheme.

Panzerwrecks 12 (for discussion) has a color picture of an Octopus Camo scheme.


Someone did one and posted a thread in the old site:

A question I could never find answered; was this tank painted overall
dunkelgelb, or olivegrun? There appears to be only two existing photos, both from a similar vantage point, and appear to be colorized, and neither show conclusively what the overall color is (used to be!); although the major remaining color is olivegrun (which doesn’t mean much). This tank is reportedly one of the last off the Kastel assembly lines and could possibly be painted overall olivegrun, according to orders given in Dec. '44. Or maybe not!
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The author said this about the photo.

I don’t think the photo printed in Panzerwrecks 12 is colorized based on the above comment and the written caption with the photo in the book. I do think it’s shifted due to age as author mentioned.

Who knows about images floating around the internet.

The tree snag can’t be seen in the other photos. However, the gun’s recuperator has been drained and the gun has then been fired, jamming the barrel in full recoil. Also, the right front corner mudguard is missing, as in the other photos. Note that the camo pattern does not wrap around the right front corner of the glacis and continue to match-up with the front mudguard.

Here is the other pic of the Kassel Tiger, un-colorized. Taken from nearly the same vantage point as the previous, but note the background details are slightly in different places, also missing the swastika on the glacis, which could indicate this photo pre-dates the other photo.

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There is another photo of this side with even more brush covering it.
Plus this one too;

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I made it only yellow and green

But is that yellow over green, or green over yellow??
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Also weird is that the RH side looks like normal wavey cam with the octopus suckers over it, but the LH side hull looks like a chequer board design with the rings over it ??

Yellow over green