? On the Beast Slayer

I know, I know. Im trying to get rid of my STASH a few kits at a time due to age and health. But I ordered a book off of AMAZON about the JSU-152 VS Tiger I. So i couldnt resist ordering the Tamiya 1/35 scale Russian JSU-152. Has anyone hear built one yet? If so how did it go? Mines supposed to arrive next week.

Yeah, that happens to me too. I need to read less…

Its an excellent kit,typical Tamiya.I was grtting ready to say its one of their newer efforts,but i realize its over 10 years old,but again its a great build.I liked the pitted and rough steel texture,I used metal tracks,but it comes with one piece rubber type and link and length with the sag built in.
If you like Tamiya builds,you will like this one.

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