Opel blitz DAK

Good afternoon everyone. Fresh out of the oven. A tamiya opel blitz. The lace that Tamiya has accustomed us to, hussar wheels, photoengraving by Eduard and canvas by Mig Productions.
I hope you like it


Really nice work

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Better secure those oil/fuel drums in the back or they will bounce out at the first bump! Looks great!

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Excellent weathering Raul. Suggestions – the licence plate could do with some dust on it, and the convoy triangle seems askew - deliberate? Agree about securing the drums. Great looking truck, would look even better on a sandy base. :+1:

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Excellent work.

Great job! DAK is one of my favorites. Just watched an old episode of Rat Patrol tonight :wink:

Thank you very much to all for your comments. Very successful suggestion of desert terrain. In relation to the triangle, I did it intentionally to simulate wear. The drums are supposed to be lowered from the truck, so they are not tied.

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My photos from a Patton Museum Event years ago:

Makes sense!

Really like the weathering in front, just enough. Is the “Blitz” missing from the grill on purpose? I did not see a divisional sign on the fender. Is this light AA unit assigned to a Corps or Army command and not divisional? The canvas top is really nice. Jack

All that the truck lacks are damages from the daily work of the unit and especially from the extreme conditions of the desert. Regarding unit marks, I applied the ones indicated by Tamiya in the instructions

nice work.

The missing Blitz badge from the radiator usually indicates an copy vehicle built by Mercedes. The German military had such faith and satisfaction in the Opel that they ordered Mercades to build an exact copy.

Much like the US having Ford build most of the Jeeps.

Link to Opel Blitz Photo Reference in the Archives:


Wasn’t the triangle supposed to show whether the truck was towing or not? It was illuminated at night and erected to show it was towing or flat to show it wasn’t. So, it should be flat ordinarily.
Brilliant model BTW!

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Curious information that you both contribute. Thank you very much

You are right about the “trailer in tow” indicator. Up for with trailer. Down for without.

Here is the interior operating handle detail.

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Question: does the Tamiya model include the secondary booster leaf springs on the rear axle?

images copy

The addition of these springs raised the load rating of the Blitz to 4 tons.


I looked at the Tamiya instructions on Scalemates, it appears that the overloads are there and molded with the main springs. I don’t personally have the kit however to visually verify this but I think it’s clear in the instructions.