Opel Blitz Tray Truck - Italeri 1/24 Scale

Hi folks. Time for yet another “Great 2023 War on WIP” chapter. This time it’s a kit that I picked up pre-loved and very cheap, and once I opened up the box I figured out why :thinking: :roll_eyes: :tired_face:

There were some sub-assemblies started, poorly. There were sprues and instructions from 2 kits, partly. There were missing wheels. :roll_eyes: :disappointed:

Oh well, it still has the makings of a fun project! First up I separated the engine and diff from the chassis assembly so I can tidy them up and paint them properly.

Next I cleaned up the cabin parts and assembled the seat and cab rear wall ready for primer. The door inners were already fitted.

On to the tray. The tray base was warped so some clampage was required to set things straight, but nothing major.

The framework under the tray was cleaned up and installed, with typical Italeri sink marks everywhere that will need some attention.

My plan at this stage is to paint this one in an Insignia Red and Black scheme similar to the box art, minimal weathering, and fill the tray with the bonus spare parts from the kit.

The sticking point at this stage is the missing wheels. I’m thinking about picking up this set from FC Model Trend, but having a hard time finding reviews. I have limited experience with resin, and none at all with 3D printed resin, but I suppose I need to do it some time as the 3D printed after market world is booming.

FC Model Trend Wheels 2

Anyway, that’s where I’m at with more styrene shenanigans, more news as it comes to hand!

Cheers, D


Looks to be another good one. :+1:

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Looks like the mojo is returning!

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Message sent .

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The FC Model Trend products may not be 100% perfect (but show me any resin parts that are …) but they are presumably just as good or even better than the original Italeri parts.

Slightly more detailed photos here

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Hi Damian, I wouldn’t worry about resin. It easy to work with, usually has more detail and also pretty straight forward to paint. The wheel will definitely look a lot better than the kit ones for sure.


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