Opel Blitz tyres and paper documentation question

Hello all,

These are seemingly factory new Opel Blitz’s from 1943 Hungary. For me it is a mistery why they are without tyres and what those papers might be on the windscreen. Maybe something like a quality proof from the factory? Or some datasheet?
Someone might even have a photo of one of these papers? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers.


Brand new vehicles waiting for rubber tires (in very short supply at time) The factory keeps producing for as long as materials last but now the new trucks are waiting for a new shipment of tires.

The window papers are probably just factory “build documentation”.

Thanks Michael!
Meanwhile I got the info on a Hungarian forum that the photos were taken in Budapest, right after the arrival from the factory. These Opels were bought without tires to reduce the price and so Hungarian made tires were used on them. About the papers it was said that they were on the vehicles until they were registered in Hungary.
Asked the Opel company about the papers. They replied saying that only pre-war civilian vehicles got papers on the windshield so their idea was that these may have been waybills for export to Hungary.
So I guess it was a waybill with type, model nr., price, destination, some data about the vehicle itself, buyer’s name, etc, removed after registration.


Makes total sense.

Interesting to purchase vehicles without tires ~ that must be a new option I have not heard about? (joking)

This is happening now with about 40,000 F series Ford trucks waiting for computer chips on the parking lots of Kentucky Speedway!